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Pacific Modern Dining Table

The Pacific Modern Dining Table proves that elegance and class come only by using the best materials and employing the finest craftsmen. This table with its classic look is ultra chic, with its sleek extendable black table and polished steel legs. The bla
USD 620.00

Modern dining chair

This simple designed dinning chair is easy to add to an already existing dinning set or to purchase one for it whatever the case may be this chair is a beautiful accentuating piece to your home, its fun easy to add and versatile.
USD 111.00

Mauro Buffet Buffet

USD 1,160.00

Saturn Contemporary Glass table

Black on glass is always an elegant style, as capitalized in the T011 Saturn Contemporary Dining Table. The wide black tint accent that cuts across the table's length give it a sophisticated look, while the satin polished base with black support stand com
USD 530.00

Modern Dining chair

This is an exquisite unique dining chair its style is one of a kind and its unique design offers superb comfort.
USD 222.00

Bacco Bar Unit

USD 950.00

Modern Armani Lacquer Table

The 812-180 Modern Armani Dining Table has some very interesting features that are worth mentioning. The first is its very interesting table leg pattern that makes use of wide bands twisted and turned for a very unuque look. The contemporary legs accent t
USD 1,260.00

Modern Dining Chair

This brilliant, unique design is one of a kind. This dining chair is not only stunning but unique comfortable stylish and best of all affordable!
USD 111.00

Crow Buffet Buffet

USD 1,470.00

Black Modern Dining Chair

The futuristic-looking Y01 dining chair has a sleek upholstered finish in a leather match and an elegant base made of stainless steel.
USD 133.20