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Bradden Modern Espresso Leather...

Elegant and clean exterior design enables this sectional sofa to blend in with todays most coveted interior designs. Wrapped in excellent espresso leather quality to withstand daily use. Tufted leather with minimal exterior design. Low profile contemporar
USD 3,236.00

René Modern Leather Sectional Sofa

Each piece is wrapped in luxurious red upholstery with magnificent texture. Red themed sofa set that is capable of adapting with various contemporary interior concepts. Tufted leather adds quality and accent to its minimalist design. Modernized features i
USD 2,923.00

Amanda Beige Sectional Sofa set

Stylish L-shaped sectional sofa encased in quality leather covering for everyday use. This sectional sofa uses a beige-themed approach to complement neutral-toned and elaborate concepts. Modernized additions include an end table enclosed in leather to hol
USD 2,923.00

Autum Leather Sectional Sofa

Black contemporary sectional sofa to fit todays most coveted interior concepts. This sofa is wrapped in black real leather front covering with high quality leather covering for durability. Additional features include storage compartment located in the ri
USD 4,373.00

Spring Modern Leather Sectional...

Extraordinary modernized design fit for elegant or casual living rooms and lounges. White exterior adds a transitional value to this sofas design. White leather covering is used with black accents, a unique color combination from the usual modern sectiona
USD 3,828.00

Christian Modern Leather...

Stylish U-shaped sectional sofa suited for contemporary living rooms and lounges. White upholstery easily complements or stands out in elaborate or casual settings. Real leather front covering and high quality leather match on the back for durability. Uni
USD 4,025.00

Collin Modern Leather Sectional...

Modern design to suit urban-themed living rooms, this sectional sofa graces your room with beauty and comfort. Off-white upholstery adapts easily with common and extraordinary living room settings. Uniquely styled L-shaped sofa has more space for sitting.
USD 3,294.00

Dolli Modern Bonded Leather...

Sleek sofa framework with minimalist exterior design. Contemporary L-shaped sectional sofa with white quality leather covering that adds to its value. White upholstery easily blends with casual or extraordinary interior settings. Firm cushion padding to a
USD 1,810.00

Mal Contemporary Leather Sectional

Minimal design with bold accents makes this sectional sofa stand out from the ordinary. Its contemporary framework with tufted leather design blends in with common living room themes and lounges. Beige real leather front cover and high quality leather mat
USD 3,132.00

Kaitlyn Modern Contemporary...

Modern and stylish framework, this sectional sofa is made for urban themed living rooms and lounges. Black real leather front cover and high quality leather back covering to ensure durability. It uses a stylish L-shaped sectional sofa with minimal exterio
USD 2,680.00

Ethan Contemporary White Leather...

Off white real leather front covering and high quality leather match on the back adds value to this sofa. Unique design with organized exterior front makes this one transitional piece to appeal with common and extraordinary interior concepts. Features inc
USD 3,155.00

William Contemporary Black...

Extraordinary L-shaped sectional sofa with rich exterior, this sectional sofa is made from the finest materials to suit your modern living room standards. Black real leather front exterior with high quality leather match for the back adds value to this so
USD 3,155.00